It's time for a beauty spring clean

Spring cleaning shouldn't be reserved for our homes... It should be something we get familiar with when it comes to our beauty and haircare. 

Practically speaking, this means clearing out the cupboards and getting rid of the old to make space for new. It means making space!

Spring is a great time to get intentional about refreshing our beauty routines and introducing products that work hard.

When it comes to haircare, this can apply to your supplements you use to support your hair goals, your core products for washing and nourishing, and the styling products you use for protecting and perfecting.

It can be hard to know where to start; change can be overwhelming and it can stop us from getting started.

So if there's one product we recommend to kickstart your beauty spring clean, it's our bestselling Chewables. 

Our hero product, find out why they're so loved in this blog post. Spoiler: Hairworthy founder Safi says: "Unlike other chewable hair growth supplements, ours have enough folic acid and biotin without the bad side effects.”

But it doesn't stop there... Consider our eyelash and eyebrow serums for a subtle yet substantial beauty refresh! 

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