Protect and perfect your hair with these products

Having a core selection of products is a great place to start. But alongside your basics, did you know it's just as important having the right products to protect and perfect your hair?

All of that work you put into nourishing your hair with the right conditioner, mask and oil will go to waste if you don't look after your hair the rest of the time.

In other words, you'll undo all of your hard work if you dry your hair with a rough towel, comb it with a poorly-made brush and blast it with a hairdryer without spritzing it first.

So, what to do?

First things first, a microfiber towel needs to become your best friend. The lightweight Hairembrace towel is happy to assume this role. Unlike cotton towels that are abrasive and can lead to split ends, our microfiber number is friction-free and designed to maintain hair moisture. What's more, it will mean your hair maintains its moisture while it also combats frizz. 

When it comes to combing out inevitable knots, the Hairembrace hair brush will sail through your hair whether it's fine, thin or thick. Better yet, it won't do any damage! Its nylon pins work just as well on wet or dry hair to create sleek, smooth hair, while also defining curls. 

Finally, before blasting your hair with heat, liberally spray on the thermal protection spray. This non-sticky, sulfate-free and lightweight product will combat any damaging effects that heat up to 230ᵒC/446ᵒF might inflict. Also, aside from protecting your strands from long-term damage, it will keep any frizz at bay!

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