New Year, new haircare reboot

Habits. We can all agree that some are better than others. Sometimes, we find ourselves falling out of good ones and into ones that, well, aren't so great.

Our hair can also be the victim of bad habits.

When it's not looked after, be it the through using the wrong products or no products at all, we start to see the condition worsening. It might not happen immediately, but it happens over time. 

It's essential to get our habits right in the realm of haircare if we truly want strong, nourished locks. Just like bad habits don't have a knock-on effect overnight, our positive habits take time to have an impact. In other words, patience is necessary. So where to start? 

Creating new habits can be harder than we think, so we suggest starting by introducing one: Introduce Hairworthy's Hairrepair range for bring your hair back to full health. Forget a long list of intentions or resolutions as we move into 2023, and just focus on committing to one thing that works hard.  

But there's a cheat code... Hairrepair isn't just one product, it's an enriching collection that spans tablets, creams and oil.


Wash your hair to a rhythm that feels good for you with the coconut-enriched shampoo and conditioner duo, which are both natural and silicone-free, and highly moisturizing. Once-a-week, soak up all of the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in the shea butter-rich Hairrepair mask. What's more, the non-greasy Hairrepair hair oil, featuring argan oil from Morocco, is a powerful pick-me-up for whenever you like – bringing life back to lacklustre hair.

Meanwhile, as most of us eat a diet lacking in vitamin B, which is a cornerstone to healthy hair, pop a gluten-free and vegan Hairrepair tablet daily. Full of nutrients, this will supercharge the look of your hair, skin, brows, lashes and nails.

You'll find it's never been easier to keep up a good habit!


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