Your need-to-know questions, answered

What time should I take the supplements?

Preferably take the supplements with a meal at any time of day.


Is it safe to take the supplements for a longer period of time?

Yes. The capsules, chewables and tablets we supply contain the standard amount of vitamins and minerals usually found in multivitamins. Therefore, they are safe to consume for a long period of time, as per the instructions.


Can I take your supplements if I am pregnant, breastfeeding or have a medical condition?

Please check the full ingredient list and always consult your doctor before you start taking any supplements.


What is the secret to achieving a long-lasting hold?

Wait a couple of hours after your hair is newly washed before styling. When you allow your hair to settle, the style tends to last longer. In order to keep your style fresh for a lengthy period of time, sleep on a silk pillowcase.


How often should I brush my hair? 

It depends on your hair type! If your hair is oily or curly, brush once a day – or even once per shampoo – is typically ideal. Otherwise, the recommendation is no more than twice per day – once in the morning and once again in the evening. Brushing your hair gently is good for scalp stimulation - it is like a mini massage that stimulates your scalp, which, encourages blood flow and hair growth.


How important are heat protectants?

Extremely important! It’s essential to apply a heat protectant, even if you only blow dry your hair, as it’s not equipped to manage the heat from a styling tool. Hair that hasn’t been treated with heat protectant is susceptible to damage, so it will lack lustre and begin to look dull and lifeless.


What should I do with newly washed hair?

Apply a microfibre towel and, depending on your desired hair style, wait at least a couple of hours after you’ve washed your hair before styling it. Hair tends to be very smooth and slippery to the touch when it’s newly washed, so your chosen style will last longer if you give your hair additional drying time.


Are your products suitable for every hair type?

Yes, our products are formulated to suit every hair type, texture and length.


Are your range of products cruelty free, vegan friendly and celiac safe?



How many momme is the Silk pillowcase? 

19 momme. 


Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Please email and we will be happy to help you.