Why our Hairactive Chewables are so loved

Many brands have that ‘hero’ product. For us, it’s the Hairactive Chewables. Our customers love this powerhouse supplement that is available to order in one- or three-month supplies, but what makes it so special?

It’s all about the taste and results. 

These natural and vegan gummies taste like blueberries, explains Hairworthy founder Safi Diop. “Some people say it's difficult to just take just two a day,” says Safi. “Many customers have said it’s hard to stop themselves.” Not only do they taste like delicious sweets, but these supplements pack a punch and they get the results that other products on the market fail to deliver. 

The Hairactive Chewables are a special 3-in-1 formula of Vitamin B9, Vitamin C and Biotin. By taking them daily and consistently, you'll say goodbye to dry, damaged hair and brittle nails. Our customers take these supplements to prevent thinning hair, hair loss and breakage, and they celebrate them for supporting scalp nourishment and hair growth.

Loooove the taste, the size and shape and the results! It’s like my little star treat of the day,” wrote one happy customer in 2021. 

And why does Safi love them?

“For me personally, I noticed the difference within the first few weeks because I had to shave more often and my eyebrows needed to be plucked more regularly. It took a couple of months before I experienced hair growth,” she says. “Unlike other chewable hair growth supplements, ours have enough folic acid and biotin without the bad side effects.”

So why choose Hairactive Chewables over other biotin supplements? “Hairworthy chewables are on a safe level and it's easy to remember to take them everyday because they're that tasty," explains Safi. 

Take them every day for a few months and let the results speak for themselves! 

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