New season, new you energy

September always has back-to-school vibes: it always feels like a new start. Call it a fresh slate or a chance to set refresh. 

In our opinion, prioritizing self-care and making ourselves feel good with beauty products is how we get that feeling of ‘resetting’. 

It’s easy to fall out of a rhythm of taking really good care of yourself and being in a routine with high-quality products. But it’s also just as easy to get back into it.

Half of the challenge is finding the right products that you really want to be using day in, day out.

The good news? It’s a problem you don’t have to worry about as Hairworthy is a one-stop shop for your skin, nails and hair!

What’s more, your self-care routine shouldn’t feel like a chore… Instead, it should be something you look forward to each day.

For optimum self-care, we suggest starting each day with our delicious chewables that are loaded with biotin to support with hair growth, and finishing each day with oils. There’s something so luxurious about liberally applying eyelash and eyebrow serums and our rich hair oil – all which coat hairs with goodness, and promote the growth and condition.

Our advice? Stick it out for a few weeks and you’ll notice a difference.

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