Hair growth hacks

Do you feel like your hair gets to a certain point and just decides enough is enough?

If it's a 'yes', we feel you... Before we started hacking our haircare, the HW team was very familiar with breakage after a certain point; we had more split ends than we'd like to talk about! 

It's more than annoying being in an endless cycle where you hair won't play ball, but it's often the case that our hair is communicating with us and asking us to change things up.

You see, just like our immune system can warn us that we need to look after ourselves better, our hair can signal that it needs better care. 

One of the most effective ways to up your haircare and to promote its growth is supplementing with biotin. It supercharges hair growth through stimulating keratin synthesis, meaning it's often actually used for people who have hair loss.

But you need to have hair loss to be able to take it. It's safe to take this soluble vitamin daily to give you a boost of B vitamins to not only support your hair, but your skin and nails too.

Our Chewables offer a strong daily dose of biotin, featuring Vitamin C for an added hit of goodness. What's more, they taste sweet like candy and are gluten, dairy and gelatine free. It's a win-win!

We could give you a long list of ways to hack your haircare – after all, it's what we care about! 

But we know that it becomes daunting when you're overloaded with information, and told what you should and shouldn't do!

So, if we had to pick out one more must-do daily it would be using castor oil. This oil really is an all-rounder that was first used in ancient Egypt! It's a deeply nourishing, restorative oil that works to nourish your hair, and even your eyebrows and eyelashes.

We love using it as a hair mask once a week, and we apply a little bit each night before bed as part of our self-care ritual.



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