Why you should supplement with Biotin

If you feel like your hair only really grows to a certain point or your nails break easily, it could point to a mineral or vitamin deficiency. Brittle nails and slow hair growth could be signs that your body is crying out for something crucial: Biotin. It’s pretty common for most of us to eat a diet lacking in this vitamin. 

Medical News Today explains that symptoms of a biotin deficiency – including thinning hair and brittle nails – start gradually, and build up over time. If you develop any of these symptoms, it’s in your best interest to take action. Foods like eggs and banana are among the ways to get this B vitamin in your diet – but a failsafe option is to introduce a supplement that ensures you’re hitting optimal amounts. 

Enter our range of nourishing supplements, including Nailactive and Hairrepair tablets, Hairactive capsules and Hairactive chewables. Biotin is one of our key ingredients we use, along with folic acid, to ensure your nails and hair are in tip-top condition. 

Why is it so central to all of our supplements? “Biotin has been an obvious choice of ingredient to use in our supplements because of its role in cell growth and protein production,” explains Hairworthy founder Safi Diop.


“Although I've always had a varied balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, I needed to ensure that I was getting enough vitamins and minerals through my foods, which is difficult to keep track of. That's why Hairworthy hair supplements include Vitamin H (also known as Biotin) to ensure that you won't lack any of the necessary vitamins. Biotin doesn't only promote hair growth, but also stops thinning hair, rejuvenates the skin and prevents nail brittleness. So women and men get a triple benefit: hair, skin and nails.”

These daily supplements are designed to optimize the look of your hair, skin, brows, lashes and nails, so you really feel your best. Adding them to your supplement regime on a daily basis, expect reduced hair loss and faster growing hair, plus stronger and healthier nails.

It won’t be long before you’re naturally flourishing – scrapping your hair extensions and acrylic nail appointments, and having everyone ask you what your secret is.

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