Self-care season

December is typically a month filled with things to do and people to see, but we've decided to reframe it this year.

We're calling the social season the 'self-care season'!

What does this mean? We're opting to say 'no' when we want to in favour of rest and recuperation. It means not having FOMO when we turn down the endless party invitations, and instead choosing to enjoy our own company on quiet nights in.

How to make the most out of your self-care

Doing self-care like a pro looks like luxuriating in the tub, surrounded by all of the right products. At least, we think so.

Come paper nights, the HW team are always armed with the Hairrepair set, including our coconut oil shampoo, conditioner and mask, which are rich with keratin, antioxidants and all natural ingredients. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing we're giving out locks the love they deserve.

But it doesn't stop when we get out the tub: it matters what comes next. 

Make our microfiber towel your new best friend... Unlike cotton towels that can be abrasive, our lightweight and super absorbent towel ensures your hair won't break as you bundle it into a neat turban.

What's more, get into bed with our silk pillowcase to keep your hair protected as you catch your beauty sleep. Our Mulberry silk pillowcase is irritant-free and great for the hair (and skin).

Nights in never looked so good!




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