Hairembrace for Protection and Styling Your Beard and Moustache 
A premium blend of six oils guaranteed to soften your beard. This oil can be used daily to promote fuller beards and moustache growth. Our unique formula eliminates irritation, itching and dandruff with soothing and conditioning oils. Discover smoother beard, instantly. Spoil your beard with the highest quality ingredients to grow healthy, strong and more powerful.

What it is 
50ml lightweight beard oil.


  • Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Almond Oil and Grapeseed oil. Six organic & healthy oils blended together for everyday application. Just a few drops of our all-natural oil will last all day to make you look great and feel confident.
  • Conditions, Softens & Hydrates for a shiny smooth touch without leaving your beard greasy. The premium blend is lightweight and quick-absorbing. Yet it is deeply moisturising & conditioning for all beard types and moustaches, no matter the length.
  • Guaranteed to repair, protect and nourish your beard & the skin under. Experience what it feels like to not worry about itching, irritation and dandruff and start enjoying healthier beard, skin and new growth.
  • Promotes Beard growth and faster growing moustaches. Our high-quality beard oil is formulated for all men, whether you're just getting started and have patches to fill or have a full grown beard to manage.
  • All Natural, No Chemicals, Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Ready to be added to your cart today.


  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

    We aim to make every consumer satisfied with their order and hair growth results using Hairworthy. If you are not happy with the order we do understand that you may want to return the product. The return policy is within 14 days of receipt of purchase and is valid only if the consumer inform Hairworthy by:

    - A written statement with the product you are returning

    - Contacting the Customer Support:


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