Hairactive Guaranteed Faster Eyebrow Growth 
Grow your dream eyebrows with Hairworthy eyebrow growth serum. Discover your eyebrows natural potential and unleash an extended new brow line. Are you ready to embrace beautiful brows with confidence? If the answer is Yes; Use Browworthy daily for bolder, fuller and more defined eyebrows. Our scientifically developed formula targets brow hairs at the follicle level with several natural ingredients, which promotes cell renewal and accelerates growth.

What it is 
4ml Unique, Revolutionary Eyebrow serum.


  • THE BROWWORTHY EFFECT - Take action and get bolder brows with Hairworthy Eyebrow Enhancing serum today! Rich in natural extracts, the active serum targets thin, patchy and sparse eyebrows. Follicles will be deeply nourished and brows ready to flourish.
  • FRAME YOUR FACE and achieve an improved set of frames in as little as six weeks with our high performing serum. Experience drastic increase in brow hairs growing full and wild. Contains Myristoyl Hexapeptide-16 and Myristoyl pentapeptide-17 for big & bold results.
  • BEAUTIFUL & BUSHY eyebrows are just one order away. Our revolutionary serum is backed by science and made with the highest quality ingredients. The result: new hairs which grow strong and lucious.
  • CONVENIENT & EFFECTIVE: simply apply a few strokes, with the included brush, twice per day. Oenothera biennis seed extract is supporting the cosmetically appearance of eyebrow density. Even the overtweezed ones will discover major improvements. Some of you may even stop filling in your brows during your beauty routine.
  • WITH SEVERAL NATURAL INGREDIENTS including organic castor oil, this serum is safe to use, non-irritating and cruelty free. For best results, go the extra mile by combining the serum, with Hairactive capsules or chewables to cover the 'Inside-Out' with Biotin and Folic Acid.


  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

    We aim to make every consumer satisfied with their order and hair growth results using Hairworthy. If you are not happy with the order we do understand that you may want to return the product. The return policy is within 14 days of receipt of purchase and is valid only if the consumer inform Hairworthy by:

    - A written statement with the product you are returning

    - Contacting the Customer Support:


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